TIP Project Selection Process for FYs 2012-2015

CMAQ, STP-Metro, and Transportation Enhancement Programs

The official “Call for Projects” process for the FY12-15 Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ), Surface Transportation-Metro, and Transportation Enhancement Activities programs of the North Front Range MPO started on September 24, 2010.

The “Downloads” shown below include application materials about each proposed project that were submitted to meet a December 10, 2010 deadline. At the top of the list is a set of two page summaries about the projects that were assigned funding by the NFRMPO Council on March 3, 2011.  Those projects are now listed in the 2012-2017 version of the TIP.

That set of projects is followed by a table showing a brief description of each project that was submitted for consideration, including the requested amount of funding.

Fifty projects were submitted (two of which were removed from the competition because they are expected to be funded from other sources). Two selection panels met during the first week of January 2011: one for the CMAQ program and the other for STP-Metro and Transportation Enhancement Activities programs. They scored the projects and recommended the top-ranked projects to be programmed with the anticipated funding.

On January 19th, the Technical Advisory Committee and Transit Advisory Group of the MPO jointly reviewed the scoring results from the two panels, made some adjustments to the scores, and prepared a recommendation for the North Front Range MPO Council on the proposed project selections, including project-specific funding amounts.

These recommendations were included in the meeting agenda for discussion at the February 3, 2011 meeting of the North Front Range MPO Council, held at the Loveland City Council Chambers.  Public comments were received during the MPO Council’s March 3, 2011 meeting, held at the Eaton Recreation Center, prior to the Council’s adoption of the recommendations.  The Council made some modifications to the year-by-year phasing of funds for CMAQ projects before adopting the recommended list of CMAQ projects.   Meeting minutes summarizing the public comments are available elsewhere through this website (See “Council Material” on the page reached via the Home page, then through these tabs:   “About\Planning Council.”)

The following “Downloads” appear below the project applications and were used for this project selection process:

  • The Project Submittal Guidebook, which detailed the schedule, the project submittal requirements, and the scoring process. It also provided reference material.
  • The Project Submittal Form
  • The Cost Estimation Form

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